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South Terminal Development

Expansion continues at Raleigh Exec this year with our South Terminal project, designed to further open development of the jetport just south of the terminal with the addition of new drainage systems, new water and sewer lines, and an additional taxiway connecting existing taxiways that run in between rows of T-hangars. Construction is already underway with a projected completion date some time in October.

As with any major improvement project, there be some temporary relocations, while the ramp and taxiway are being renovated in front of T-hangars, and some areas will be inaccessible briefly during various phases of construction. Parking areas also will shift occasionally over the coming months.

We understand that construction will be inconvenient at times, but will do everything possible to keep our community informed and minimize the impact on tenants and others using the jetport. Please be patient as we navigate this construction and keep in mind what South Terminal is becoming: a more accessible, attractive, vibrant — and safer — transportation hub for our jetport community and the entire Triangle region!

This South Terminal project comes on the heels of our ongoing North Terminal development, which has already installed infrastructure to accommodate large, corporate hangars and recently celebrated the opening of two hangars, one of them now home to a Gulfstream 550 business jet. The two recent development projects mark continued expansion at Raleigh Exec, all designed to serve the Triangle Region and beyond.


South Terminal Important Dates

During the course of the South Terminal project, we will list essential construction dates here, along with any changes to our usual operations.


South Terminal Information and Plans

Photos of the South Terminal Development  (Facebook Album)

Raleigh Exec South Terminal Construction Sequence, Overall  (PDF)

Raleigh Exec South Terminal Construction Sequence, Phase 1 (PDF)

Raleigh Exec South Terminal Construction Sequence, Phase 2 (PDF)

Raleigh Exec South Terminal Construction Sequence, Phase 3 (PDF)