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Flight Training

Whether you're just beginning your path toward a pilot license or are seeking recurrent, requalification or upgrade, several flight schools at Raleigh Exec can help you through the process to earn a full range of certifications or endorsements. Contact individual schools for details about courses, schedules and fees.

Elite Aircraft Services offers customized training using Cirrus aircraft. 919.576.0174

Executive Flight Training offers flight training using Piper Warrior, Piper Arrow and Cesna 172 aircraft. 919.986.9696 or 919.219.5933

Odyssey Aero Club offers checkout in FAA Technically Advanced Aircraft for members, including VFR and IFR checkouts, instrument training and commercial training in Diamond DA40 and Cessna 182P aircraft. 919.551.5002

Wings of Carolina Flying Club offers a complete range of pilot training for members, including private pilot, instrument rating, commercial certificate and multi engine rating instruction in Cessna 172, Cessna 152 Piper Cherokee Warriors and Mooney M20J aircraft. 919.776.2003