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Jetport Documents

A variety of documents and applications provide important information about Raleigh Exec and doing business at the jetport. All of them can be downloaded here;  most are provided in PDF format.


Raleigh Exec Airport Layout Plan
Technical master plan for Raleigh Exec Jetport

Raleigh Exec Inner Approach Plan and Profile
Land configuration and use around Raleigh Exec Runway 21 and Runway 3.

Raleigh Exec Land Lease Application
Application form with fillable fields to request a land lease at Raleigh Exec.

Raleigh Exec Minimum Requirements for Construction
Minimum requirements and procedures for hangar construction at Raleigh Exec.

Raleigh Exec Minimum Standards
Minimum standards at Raleigh Exec for administrative activities, fixed base operations, specialized aviation service operations, specific aeronautical activities and application procedures.


Raleigh Exec North Terminal Hangar Layout
Site layout and configurations for Raleigh Exec's new North Terminal corporate hangar area.

Raleigh Exec Rules and Regulations
Detailed rules and regulations governing general use of the jetport, operation of aircraft, vehicles and pedestrian traffic, and fuel and safety.