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A powerful economic engine in itself, activity at Raleigh Exec contributes more than $61 million and 470 jobs to the economy, according to "North Carolina: The State of Aviation," a 2019 report issued by the state Department of Transportation on the impact of the aviation industry. Also in that report: Activity at the jetport generates $2.376 million in state and local taxes as well as $19.5 million in personal income.

Raleigh Exec serves the heart of the Research Triangle Region, an area that includes Raleigh, Cary, Apex, Chapel Hill, Durham and the Research Triangle Park, and remains one of the most dynamic, innovative economies in the world. The region includes the governmental center of a state "Forbes" magazine proclaimed in 2018 as the nation's best for business. In fact, the Research Triangle Regional Partnership identifies more than 700 international companies in the region, more than 7,000 companies in all, and they're fueled by a wealth of talent from a growing population, seven community colleges and 10 universities, including three of the world's best: Duke University, NC State University and The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Nearby Research Triangle Park, the largest research park in the United States, is home to hundreds of companies, including major high-tech research and development facilities operated by some of the world's top organizations, including GlaxoSmithKline, Cisco Systems and the National Institutes of Health.

And within a 15 minute drive is Lee County Industrial Park, home to advanced manufacturing and global industrial leaders including Pfizer, Caterpillar and GKN Driveline, companies that rely on Raleigh Exec to keep business moving forward.

Opportunity at Raleigh Exec

About a dozen companies already operate at Raleigh Exec and that number will be expanding soon with commercial locations recently added. North Terminal offers several new, shovel-ready corporate sites near the terminal building for hangars 15,000 square feet or larger. All feature water, sewer and fiber internet service, along with a public fire suppression system and adjacent rail service.

With other shovel-ready business sites available from five to 50 acres, Raleigh Exec is an exciting location for aviation-related companies and any others looking for easy access to the Research Triangle Region and all the jetport offers.

A variety of documents and applications provide important information about doing business at the jetport. All can be downloaded on the Jetport Development page.

For more about economic development at Raleigh Exec, including local incentive programs, contact the Sanford Area Growth Alliance.

Companies at Raleigh Exec

AeroServices provides avionics support to single engine piston, turbo-prop and jet business aircraft — including experimental, Warbird and light sport markets. 919.718.1715

Bandit Flight Team performs aerial tributes in vintage military aircraft at major sporting events, military ceremonies, community gatherings and corporate activities to preserve the military Warbird heritage and enhance important civic events. 919.345.3142

Elite Aircraft Services offers a broad range of aviation services; among them are consulting on aircraft acquisition, aircraft management and maintenance, and customized pilot training. 919.576.0174

Executive Flight Training provides flight training using Piper Warrior, Piper Arrow and Cesna 172 aircraft. 919.986.9696 or 919.219.5933

MAG Aerospace offers maintenance as well as avionics repair, installation and maintenance for single-piston through twin-burgoprop aircraft. 919.708.5549

North Carolina Forest Service, a governmental agency dedicated to ensuring adquate and quality forest resources for the state to meet its present and future needs, operates its regional firefighting operation at Raleigh Exec. 919.857.4801

Odyssey Aero Club offers checkout for members in FAA Technically Advanced Aircraft, including VFR and IFR checkouts, instrument training and commercial training. 919.551.5002

Wings of Carolina Flying Club, one of the nation's oldest and most respected flying clubs, offers aeronautical training, low-cost aviation education, social opportunities and inexpensive hourly aircraft rental for members. 919.776.2003